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In Summer 2018, Public Citizen Theatre produced ...she wrote, a stage reading series showcasing the works of female playwrights from the early 20th Century. All readings were directed by Aaron Filyaw and produced by Amanda Mehl and Aaron Filyaw. Performances took place at Looking Glass Hall at Northwest Children's Theater and School in Portland, Oregon.

July 27th - 29th

He & She

By Rachel Crothers

August 10th - 12th

Woman's Honor and The Outside

By Susan Glaspell

August 24th - 26th

Miss Lulu Bett

By Zona Gale


Cast of He & She. From (L) to (R): Ted Hartsook, Kristin Howarth, Charles Weed, Amanda Mehl, Mathilda Seger, Melissa Buchta, & Robert Nove.

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